in the beginning

in the beginning – the origin of life – by © peter walther gartmann – art photography – art picture collection susanne minder

in the beginning – the origin of life

art photography – © by Peter Walther Gartmann



The origins of our existence


in the beginning – The beginning of mankind is marked by a deep symbolism, which is expressed in the idea „In the beginning was woman, she sprang from nature, from a leaf“. These words convey the idea that the origins of humanity are inextricably linked to nature and feminine energy. The idea that woman sprang from a leaf should be seen as a metaphor for creation and the origin of life.


The Evolution of Being Human


Reflecting on the roots of our existence and recognizing the close connection between humans and nature reminds us that nature has not only shaped us physically, but has also influenced us spiritually and culturally. The idea of man ascending to higher spheres points to the evolutionary development of humanity and man’s ability to constantly evolve and grow.




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art book – the secret life in the beginning  imprint


published by:  Antoinette Blanc

artworks – photography:  Peter Walther Gartmann

editorship:  Sabina Roth

design:  Susanne Minder

copyright:  © Peter Walther Gartmann


the origin of life – in the beginning


The feminine energy and nature


In the beginning was woman – in these words lies a profound message about valuing nature and recognizing the role of women in human history. They remind us to honor our connection to nature and to recognize the importance of feminine energy in our evolution. These words can inspire us to live in harmony with nature and to unfold our potential as human beings into higher spheres of knowledge and consciousness.






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