time traces

time traces – by © peter gartmann + susanne minder – switzerland – art photography – art paintings – susanne minder art picture collection

time traces


The images called ˮtime tracesˮ by Peter Gartmann + Susanne Minder show imaginary landscapes which are reflected spatially in a microcosm of impressions such as lunar surfaces, mountains, sceneries, rivers, or lakes.


time traces – traces of time – soil – surfaces – signs – the beauty of decay and disintegration. Shapes, colors, and structures gleam in green-blue, rusty-red, multicolored hues. Bizarre landscapes and the appeal of the ephemeral are evident in the pictures. Fascinating syntheses are born from the combination of different elements, shaping a new entity.


The closeness and amplitude of the images time traces create visual spaces like imaginary architecture – light, fragile, and mysterious. Space and light are the elements for this – they open up and show the infinity of a distinct transient floating world.


Susanne Minder











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Time stands still


Time stands still – we are the ones who race past it like ghosts – who change, who pass away and blow by as if on a train –torn from the landscapes of our lives – like runaways from another star.


In the gray debris of life – on the traces of transience – we try to catch fragments of the world’s wonders. As guests on planet Earth, tears, memories, controversy, change, and questions will remain without answers. Fragile and ephemeral like mirror images – puzzles and riddles, left to blow in the wind.


Our lives, like yesterday’s newspaper, worthless and outdated. Our photo album plays with its pictures – butterflies flutter through the air – glances to the stars of infinity – images passing us at great speed. The sun, clouds, rain, snow are flying in the storm of our dreams like lost moments.


Peter Gartmann




Time does not pass, it stands quite still, it’s us that travel through


Gottfried Keller







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