daniel blaise thorens fine art gallery – starlights – exhibition + art book – art paintings – peter gartmann, switzerland

daniel blaise thorens fine art gallery – starlights – art paintings – keira knightley – audrey tautou – kristen stewart – angelina jolie – ausstellung und katalog – by © peter gartmann, switzerland – susanne minder art collection

starlights – the beauty and radiance of the famous and talented women from hollywood is what we dream of. the center of the american film industry is a myth, a dream factory, glittering and glamorous. natural beauties are made stars.


today‘s motion pictures from hollywood have nothing to do with our reality. they are retouched and arouse fantasies. no blemish should tarnish the beautiful, famous people. an effective mood is achieved in this way. this glamor stands out from everyday life and average people. the screen entices us to dream of these fascinating, beautiful women, these women whom we could never get close to in the real life.


peter gartmann has edited, changed and painted over in unusual colors a selection of films and anonymous paparazzi photos of the currently most successful women photographed innumerable times and given them this exaggerated glamor and radiant shine in the process.


these pictures are reproductions of reproductions. the edited images take on an entirely new look. as a result, it is as if the movie stars had been created anew.


with their alabaster-like appearance, they become divinely beautiful, and consequently they embody our dreams of success, happiness and luxury. we do not want to see the stars as they really are. the pictures have nothing to do with their real personalities. they become romantic illusions.


their faces are immaculate. they become immortal. they are goddesses, translucent luminaries. they are like works of art created for worshiping.



exhibition 2015 – daniel blaise thorens fine art gallery ag, basel – art paintings starlights and art paintings citylights




starlights – art paintings – as for naomi watts, kate winslet, ziyi zhang, charlize theron, natalie portman, scarlett johansson, keira knightley, audrey tautou, kristen stewart, angelina jolie, penelope cruz, catherine zeta jones, jessica biel.



starlights – art paintings

size   100 x 100 cm

unique items 1/1






art book – starlights

editor:  daniel thorens – daniel blaise thorens fine art gallery

art paintings:  © Peter Gartmann – art + photography – basel, switzerland

design:  susanne minder – art picture collection – basel, switzerland





weitere bilder – von peter gartmann – auf instagram





weitere bilder – von peter gartmann – im bildarchiv von susanne minder


weitere bilder aus der serie – starlights – by peter gartmann – art + photography, basel, switzerland – im bildarchiv susanne minder



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