save our souls – SOS – artworks

save our souls – SOS – artworks – by peter gartmann, switzerland – susanne minder art collection

save our souls – SOS

artworks – by © peter gartmann


We send thoughts, feelings, and actions into our world. Whatever we think or do leaves a trace, like a breath – in the mirror – in the universe – everything is related with everything else – past, present, and future are interwoven.


Whatever comes our way has a meaning – and that which falls to us is connected directly to our vibes and energy which we send out into the world by way of our thoughts. Spiritual power is a great capability that the universe allows us to find and use.


We humans are able to perceive things which can’t be grasped with our five senses – and which we can neither see nor comprehend. Our spirit is able to freely float through space and time. Our subconscious mind reveals to us everything that we need to find our way around in this world of ours and to take care of our world, our planet.


Just like a human being is created from one single cell, worlds are created which shape the future – we are responsible for this one world of ours. We are all made of the same fabric, and connected with one another. Everything which exists, humans, animals, plants, water, and stone is made of the same original substance, embedded in a higher world.


We are part of a joint destiny, interlinked with the original substance of divinity. We are all made of stars – we are our planet – we are the universe which speaks to us. SOS – save our souls.



Peter Gartmann




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