seagulls in flight – publisher ilse baumann + hans-peter bier – art book + pictures – by peter walther gartmann

seagulls in flight – möwen im flug – art book + pictures – by © peter walther gartmann, switzerland – introduction sabina roth – susanne minder art collection

Seagulls in flight


To fly at boundless heights and over endless distances.

In his dynamic and touching photographs, “Seagulls in flight”, Peter Walther Gartmann depicts his fascination with the freedom of the air – the intangible living space that we all carry within us.


To be free as a bird – light and weightless, soaring high and nosediving at the same time.

To float between heaven and earth. To find harmony with oneself and with nature – borne aloft by air and space.


Boundless freedom.


Ilse Baumann + Hans-Peter Bier



“The seagull is the absolute embodiment of freedom.

From wingtip to wingtip, the body is nothing more than thought itself.“


Richard Bach



art book – seagulls in flight – Möwen im Flug

Publisher:  Ilse Baumann + Hans-Peter Bier

Design:  Susanne Minder, Basel

introduction:  Sabina Roth

Photos:   © Peter Walther Gartmann, Basel, switzerland


text – art book




weitere bilder – von peter gartmann – auf instagram


weitere bilder – von sabina roth – auf instagram

Boundless freedom


With his photographs, “Seagulls in flight”, Peter Walther Gartmann visualises what we cannot perceive with our human eyes. He captures a fraction of a second in an image, thus laying bare the beauty and elegance of the sweeping movements of seagulls in flight.


His photographs depict moments of lightness – in harmony and dynamism. They are symbolic of our longing for boundless freedom and endless distance – surrounded only by air and space. They inspire us to take flight, glide through the spheres and turn somersaults in our mind: joyful moments of inner freedom.


Peter Walther Gartmann’s seagull photographs were taken over an extended period. From 1977 to 1980, he captured the first images on film and in black and white. They were exhibited in 1981 at the Kunsthaus Zürich under the banner of “Young Swiss Photographers” and in 1982 at the Musée d’art et d’histoire de Genève as “mouettes en vol”. In 1992/1993, the series was continued on colour film and completed in 2011/2012 with digital photographs. The complete series is published here for the first time.


Sabina Roth



“Look upwards and you will see no boundaries.”


Richard Bach



möwen – mouettes en vol – buch und ausstellung 1981 – kunsthaus zürich

by peter walther gartmann – art paintings


mouettes en vol – höhenflug – flugzeit – himmelwärts – flügelleicht – traumflug


ausstellung 1981 – „mouettes en vol“ im kunsthaus zürich – junge schweizer fotografen



buch „möwen – mouettes en vol“

Herausgeber:  at verlag

Bilder:  © Peter Walther Gartmann, Basel

Gestaltung:  Susanne Minder, Basel




weitere bilder – möwen im flug – art paintings – by peter walther gartmann – art + photography, basel, switzerland – im bildarchiv susanne minder


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