ferdinand hodler – art paintings – art book – peter gartmann, switzerland

ferdinand hodler – art book – art paintings – by © peter gartmann, basel – switzerland – susanne minder picture collection

The landscapes in Ferdinand Hodler’s late works have always fascinated me. Their endless expanse into nothingness is painted eternity. In series and variations, he bestowed the beauty of the Swiss mountains and Lake Geneva on his major landscape paintings – they are self-images of Switzerland – expressions of modernism. The magnificent views of mountains and lakes without showing distance are a play between near and far – pictorial visions.

The remarkable thing is that he often used only two colours – yellow and blue.


His massive, marvellous and monumental paintings illuminated by the sun have inspired me to push the limits of my pictures in this work, to simplify them more radically and abstractly – to re-interpret them in striking pop art.


Peter Gartmann


„Meine Eigenart besteht darin, dass ich Monumentalität und Realismus miteinander verbinde. Parallelismus der Formen, Parallelismus der Figuren, Parallelismus ihrer Bewegungen.“


Ferdinand Hodler




art paintings 100 x 100 cm – unique items 1/1





art book – hodler

publisher: susanne minder, switzerland

design: susanne minder, switzerland

art paintings: © Peter Gartmann, Basel


text art book – peter gartmann



matterhorn – exhibition 2014




weitere bilder – von peter gartmann – auf instagram





weitere bilder – auch aus der serie ferdinand holder – von peter gartmann – im bildarchiv susanne minder